Community college is an important benchmark for students

According to officials at the University of Wyoming (UW), students who complete their associate's degree at a community college tend to do well when they move on to enroll in four-year degree programs, reports The Associated Press.

The university recently decided to make its admissions factors stricter after concerns that some students were not prepared for college-level work. As well as providing them with the chance to explore new subjects, earning an associate's degree at a community college can be a great way for students to get ready for the kind of work they'll be doing at university.

"In fact, those who wait to get an associate's degree and come down do as well as UW students who start here from the beginning," said Mike Massie, special assistant to the president of the college, as quoted by the news source.

Community colleges are an important part of President Barack Obama's plans for education reform. According to USA Today, the president wants to create more partnerships between community colleges and businesses to provide 2 million students with training that can help them find work.

If you're thinking of filling out a college application, you might want to consider earning an associate's degree at a community college. Two-year schools can be a great place to explore new majors and get a feel for college-level work.

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