College sports affect student grades, says study

For many students, watching or being a part of college sports is a vital part of their academic experience. However, results of a new study suggest that how a college team fares in competition can negatively affect students' grades, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The report indicates that male students were less likely to study as hard when their college football team wins. Similar results were observed in female students, though the impact of college sports teams was less pronounced than in their male counterparts.

The study, which was authored by three researchers from the University of Oregon, examined data between 1999 and 2007. Jason M. Lindo, Isaac D. Swensen and Glen R. Waddell compared wins and losses against student transcripts from this period to arrive at their results.

"A 25 percent increase in the football team's winning percentage [or three additional wins] leads males to earn GPAs as if their SAT scores were 27 points lower," reads the report. "Three extra wins in a season increases the gender gap [in student grades] by about 8 percent."

College sports can be a great way to support your school and can help you feel like part of the community. However, even if your team is doing well, don't let your grades slip. Make sure you study hard, win or lose – especially if your financial aid or scholarships depend on a minimum GPA.


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