College completion policies could threaten access at community colleges

President Barack Obama and his administration have made college completion an important part of their proposed education reforms. However, plans to increase the number of students graduating from two-year schools could threaten the open-door policy at many community colleges, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Under new plans by the president, community colleges could revise their admissions factors to try and improve the number of students successfully graduating. However, doing so could harm the open-door policies that make community colleges so accessible for students from economically challenged backgrounds, or individuals whose grades are not the best.

"These colleges also provide access to nearly half of all minority undergraduate students and more than 40 percent of undergraduate students living in poverty," reads a summary of a report by the American Association of Community Colleges. "The open door philosophy not only benefits students attending community colleges, but also benefits other sectors of higher education. Unfortunately, other members of the higher education community may not appreciate this role that community colleges play."

If you're thinking of filling out a college application for a two-year school, ask your admissions advisor about entry requirements. Although most community colleges have open door policies, this could soon change. 

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