Clark University goes SAT-optional

Although you may be studying hard for the SAT, some academic leaders have been questioning the value of the exam, saying that it may not provide college admissions officials with a true representation of a student's potential. In what is becoming a growing trend, Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts is the latest school to make submission of SAT scores optional as part of a candidate's college application, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Officials from Clark told the news source that the decision to remove SAT scores from their requirements followed a survey by the admissions office and college faculty that indicated they could make sound judgments of a student's potential based on high school grades, extracurricular activities and the type of courses taken during an applicant's senior year.

The validity of the SAT has come under intense scrutiny in recent years. According to USA Today, many academic leaders are considering whether the SAT can act as a barrier for students from less privileged backgrounds in securing a place at a college or university.

"You've got to have different people from different backgrounds with different talents," Jill Tiefenthaler, provost of Wake Forest University, one of the first schools to go test-optional in 2008, told the news source. "The kind of students we want here are sometimes going to be great test-takers and sometimes not."

Are you applying to a test-optional school? What do you think about the SAT?

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