Cappex Presents its 2010 Social Media and College Admissions Study has released its Social Media and College Admissions study, which explores social media usage and trends among college and university admission offices. The study was conducted in January 2010 and polled 170 college admission contacts in both public and private institutions that range from 56 to 40,000 undergraduate students.

The study generated six key findings:

  1. The use of social media in the college admission process is on the rise – with 62% of colleges reporting they will dedicate more resources to it, though tried and true methods such as college fairs still take priority.
  2. Recruitment Channels

  3. The social media tool that admission officers use most frequently is Facebook.
  4. Social Media Tools

  5. Colleges’ Facebook fan pages are directed at three audiences including prospects, enrolled students and alumni, and have goals of providing campus news and answering questions.
  6. Admission departments typically post to Facebook at least once per week.
  7. Admission officers believe that prospective students use Facebook to get a realistic view of what a college is like.
  8. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the biggest benefit of social media for admissions is the ability to connect with students where they are most comfortable, and the biggest drawback is the time it takes to maintain.

Social media allows college admission offices to interact with prospective students in a way that is authentic through a medium that is familiar and comfortable to those students. The challenge of social media will continue to be finding a balance between time, resources and return on investment.

For more information, read the complete Cappex 2010 Social Media and College Admissions Study.

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