Cappex Answers the Question: “What Are My Chances?”

As you’re filling out your college applications, have you ever wondered, “Really, what are my chances that this will work? What are my chances of actually getting in?”

Cappex has the answer. We call it the What Are My Chances?® Calculator.

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out your Cappex profile as completely and accurately as possible, especially your GPA and test scores.
2. Visit the profile for the school you’re interested in, and in the left menu bar, click Admissions.
3. Under the What Are My Chances Chances?® Calculator header, click the button that says “View Calculator results for this college.”
4. Instantly find out your chances of getting in.

The results will look something like this:

WAMC in school profile

Wondering how our Calculator works? We use more than 200 data points about you and your target college. Our unique algorithm takes many factors into account, including your grades and test scores and just about everything else in your profile. We also consider numerous factors about the college, including the grades and scores of students who have been admitted in the past, the school’s selectivity, and others.

You can use the What Are My Chances Chances?® Calculator to find out your chances of getting into any school in the country! To try it out, simply log in to your Cappex account. You need to be a registered Cappex user to access the Calculator, so if you’re not registered, click here to sign up for your free Cappex account and get started.

  1. Terry says:

    Thanks for this. It’s good to see how a rate at the different schools. I’d like to go to UT at Austin but my scores may be too low. What can I do to improve my chances there?

  2. Ben says:

    This is a good system. The only major qualm is the fact that the calculator does not tell you what information is missing in your profile in order to get a completely accurate answer. A message that says “Tell us more about your desired majors” or “Your SAT scores may help narrow down the results” would be much more helpful than “Complete your profile.”

    Perhaps a little later, students can search for colleges based on location or distance, and then use the calculator, instead of having to search outside of this site for a nearby college option and then type its name into the system.

  3. Destini says:

    MAN. I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT TO ACCESS IT(BETA). Oh well. Seems like a cool feature on cappex. ENJOY EVERYONE !!

  4. Brennan says:

    What are my chances?

  5. i wold like to know about scholarship programs

  6. Trevor says:

    Destini: You don’t have to download anything. Just go to your home tab after you log in.

    Patricia: For info on scholarship programs check out

  7. Allison says:

    I could not agree more with Alex.
    I think this is a great system, but what is the point in telling us this if we dont have a chance to fix what may need fixing or work on things that aren’t the best?
    If somehow this could be done, that would be amazing, because I dont know about everyone else, but I definitely want the best chance to get into my dream college!

  8. Tim says:

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    information posted, this dispells, puts to rest
    a lot of what I’ve seen.

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