Benefits of the Common Application

When you’re filling out your college admissions forms, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a Common Application. This form is one of the most common college applications, and seniors can submit this type of college application to 500+ schools.

Many students choose to submit a Common Application. In fact, last year alone, more than 2.5 million students applied to colleges through the Common Application’s online submissions form. One benefit of submitting your college admissions information in this way is that your teachers can provide paperwork such as letters of recommendation and transcripts online, without having to print them out and submit them in the mail.

A handy feature of the new online college admissions process when filling out a Common Application is that your teachers will be notified by email when they are required to submit supporting documentation, so you don’t have to chase them for paperwork during one of the busiest times of your academic life.

Another benefit of submitting a Common Application is that, once completed, the form can be sent to any number of participating member organizations instead of sending out multiple applications, meaning that you can save valuable time that could be spent writing essays, visiting campuses and completing your coursework in your senior year.

Click here to view a list of the 500+ colleges and universities that accept the Common Application.

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