Benefits of attending an urban university

One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make during your college search is whether or not to attend an urban campus. Some colleges are located in the heart of major metropolitan areas, but what does this mean for you? What is life like on these campuses?

The first thing to remember about urban college campuses, and city life in general, is that the pace can be much more intense than suburban or rural campuses. Cities are busy, bustling places, and some major urban centers like New York City and Los Angeles are literally non-stop. If this appeals to you, what kinds of things should you think about when filling out a college application for an urban school?

One of the biggest considerations is the expense. Everything costs more in larger cities, especially everyday essentials like food, and rent if you decide to live off-campus. This could mean that you'll have to borrow more when you're applying for financial aid. Even if you decide to live in the dorms on-campus, the cost of room and board will probably be higher than that of a suburban or rural college.

However, one major benefit of attending college in a city is the overall adventure. Living on your own in a big city can be tremendously exciting and can be a valuable learning experience in itself. If you're planning on studying majors such as fashion, media or performing arts, cities can be a great place to immerse yourself in the industry you want to work in.

Another benefit of studying at an urban campus is transportation. Unlike rural campuses, many city colleges are located near good public transportation systems such as subways and buses, meaning that you probably won't need to own a car to get around. This can save you money and might help offset the increased cost of room and board.

Cities are often much more diverse in terms of culture and their population. Studying at an urban university can be a great way of experiencing a range of cultures. Many urban colleges have students from all over the country and abroad, which can make for a more interesting educational experience.

If you're thinking about studying in a big city, consider what you want from your college and whether living in an urban area is right for you. Using a college search engine can help you narrow down a list of schools, and depending on the majors that interest you, an urban university may be worth looking at. 


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