What does attending a college fair tell a college about you?


The last CappexConnect Online College Fair of the season is almost here! Will you be joining us? If you’re still not sure, another way to think about it is to consider what attending a college fair says about you to a college.

1. You are open-minded.

If you are at a college fair, a college representative can assume that most likely you haven’t decided yet which college you want to attend. Even if you already have a specific college in mind, maybe you want to explore more options to see if there are any you might like better. College representatives love students like you because they get to show off their school and all the amazing things they have to offer their students. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, even ones as direct as, “Why should I go to your school?” Most college representatives will appreciate this question and the opportunity to brag a bit about their college.

2. You are interested. 

Level of interest is a big factor in the college admissions process. Obviously college admissions representatives like to see a high level of interest in their applicants when deciding which ones to accept. When you attend a college fair, engage with college representatives, and ask a lot of questions, it shows them that you are highly interested in their college. Then you can use the information you learned during the college fair in your application essay about why you want to attend that particular college.

3. You are willing to work.

Taking the time to attend a college fair in and of itself means that you are proactive and taking control of your college search. It shows that you are the type of student who is willing to work to achieve what he or she wants. That’s exactly the type of student colleges are looking for. They know that if you are putting forth the effort to decide which college is best for you, then you will work hard in your classes, effectively utilize the resources they can provide you, and ultimately become an alumni that they can be proud to call their own.

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