Arranging a visit to a college campus

When you're thinking about filling out a college application, visiting the campuses of your prospective colleges is really important. Seeing the campus for yourself, meeting the faculty and other students, and discussing the specifics of your degree program are great ways of getting a feel for a school and seeing if the university is a good fit.

Although many schools offer a great deal of information about their degree programs on their websites, there's no substitute for actually visiting a campus and walking around. Some university open houses and campus tours are organized by seniors, which can be a great way to talk to them about their experiences of joining the program as a freshman, how they found the school when they moved into the dorms, and the faculty that teaches in your prospective degree program.

After you've used a college search engine to narrow down a list of potential schools, visit their websites and look for information regarding university open houses. Most schools offer guided tours of the campus and facilities, and many allow you to sign up for a tour online. These events are usually scheduled to coincide with when schools begin to accept college applications, so don't worry that wanting to visit a college before you apply will mean you have to make a rushed decision.


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