Apps can help you prepare for college admissions exams

For many students, the SAT and ACT college admissions exams can be daunting. Although there are other things that universities look at as part of their admissions factors, a good score can make your college application stand out. If you have a smartphone, there are a number of applications that can help you prepare for the tests to give yourself the best possible chance of earning a high score.

Most apps that are available focus on specific parts of the exams. For example, you might feel confident in your math skills but could use some help with the vocabulary sections. The SAT Remix application, which is also available for some regular cellphones, offers users vocabulary lessons set to music. The software could help you brush up on your word skills, and features more than 300 of the most commonly missed words on the SAT.

Another useful app for improving your vocabulary is ACT Vocab Prep. This application sends you two words often featured on the ACT every day, complete with the Greek roots of the words and how to use them in sentences. Prefixes and suffixes are also featured, as well as a weekly word review to help you go over what you learned during the week.

For students who need a little help with their math skills, the SAT Math application from Adapster is a must-have. As well as providing a series of math problems for you to solve, it adapts to your learning style. For example, if you're great with fractions but not so good at angles, the app remembers questions you get wrong and bases future questions around your level of ability. The software also explains the reasoning and methods behind correct answers, helping you grasp how to solve similar problems on paper.

Michael DeRosa's 411 Prep: SAT Math app is another useful tool to add to your studying repertoire. Designed personally by DeRosa, an SAT tutor, this app features more than 500 math-based flashcard problems, their solutions and principles to solve them, and up to 2,600 different answer combinations.

There are literally hundreds of apps available to help you take the SAT and ACT with confidence. Before downloading any of them, check their pricing – some are free of charge and others are free for a limited time before a subscription or monthly fee is required.

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