5 Not-So-Awesome Reasons to Choose a College

Here are 5 not-so-awesome, A.K.A, probably bad, reasons to choose a college:

It’s where the parties and bars are: Every semester there’s someone who admits to applying to that particular college only because of its social reputation. That person doesn’t usually make it past a semester or two. While it’s important to choose a college with a culture you’ll enjoy, the education you’ll receive at that institution is what you’re paying for. Keep your education the first priority and put the parties, bars, clubs, and other social elements a few notches down the list.

My best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend goes there: It can be very tempting to pick the college where your significant other or best friend is going, especially if you’re in high school and you’ve been maintaining a long distance relationship with someone who’s already in college. The thought of seeing that person all the time can weigh a ton on the college decision. It’s one thing if that college also happens to have the best academic program for you, but if there are other institutions you could attend that offer better programs , or if you think you’ll feel more at home somewhere else, or you’ve been offered an awesome scholarship, consider maintaining your friendships and relationships while you attend different institutions.

My father went there, and his father went there: When there have been generations of family members that have attended a particular college, it may seem that you have no choice but to continue the trend. If you love that college, then great. But if you think there are other colleges that would better suit your needs, you might be faced with a lot of stress, especially if Mom and Dad are paying. While you don’t want to disappoint your parents, when it comes down to it, it’s your life and your education. Go with what’s best for you–you can still root for their alma mater even if you don’t attend it.

Mom wants her baby close to home: While you might find it hard to leave your hometown to go to college, your parents probably find it equally as hard to let you! Just as you’ll need to adjust to living on your own, they’ll need to adjust to not having you around everyday. In addition, they may be facing realizations that they’re getting older, or missing their own college days. They’re also going to really miss you! As a result, they might subtly begin urging you to check out local and community colleges, or suggest you live at home and commute. While you don’t want to break mom’s heart, do what’s best for you and your education. After a few months you’ll adjust to living on your own, and they’ll adjust to having you away.

Everyone from high school is going there: Sometimes a large percentage of your high school will choose to apply to a particular college. If you love high school and everyone in it, it might be tempting to go, too; however, continuing the next four years with people who’ve known you since birth isn’t always the best idea. In college, you’ll figure out who you really are. You’ll make changes to yourself based on that self-discovery. College is often times crucial for individuals to form an independent identity and it may not be what they were at home or in high school. Those who attend college with a high percentage of their high school class may find this process to be more difficult.

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