10 Things Students Most Dread About College Search

From fear of rejection to finding scholarships, a new Cappex.com survey of more than 600 college-bound high school seniors has the 10 top things that keep them up at night.

Just in time for Halloween – College-bound students weave a frightening tale about the search for the perfect college.

Check out this list – enough to spook any prospective college student:
1. Getting rejected (77%)
2. Writing the application essay (50%)
3. Keeping up with deadlines (31%)
4. Finding scholarships (31%)
5. Applying for financial aid (29%)
6. Meeting a college’s GPA and test score requirements (26%)
7. Filling out applications (22%)
8. Narrowing down my list of college picks (18%)
9. Reading all the mail from colleges (12%)
10. Starting my list of college picks to explore (9%)

“The road to college is more complex than ever these days, and, just as there are thousands of colleges out there, there are also almost as many diverse sources for finding information about them,” said Chris Long, President of Cappex. “Cappex.com aims to be the one place on the Web that simplifies the process and relieves the stress.”

Websites like Cappex.com help simplify college search, and students can use the site for free. On Cappex.com, students can: create their own college list, access college profiles with student reviews, understand their chances of admission to any college, get college matches, and find merit scholarships – all in one place!

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