Tips for Reviewing Your Careers and Majors Quiz Results

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graphic-CAMAnnouncement_500_20150413_01If you’ve taken our Careers and Majors quiz, you already know it provides you with a whole lot of information. If you haven’t, it’s time to get started. You’ll get all sorts of useful information: Personality breakdowns, ideal majors, potential career paths – how do you sort through that data to make sense of it all?

The Personality Assessment
Let’s start at the top. The personality breakdown gathers all your answers and determines your main personality characteristics. You can see how well you fit into certain boxes – perhaps you’re mainly a Planner and Analyzer, or maybe you’re more of an Inventor or Naturalist.

You can read a bit more about these personality types to see how you work best or in what settings you tend to thrive. Some of this information you may already know, but you may have never thought about some of it too deeply before. Let’s say you know you enjoy group work in school – maybe that’s because you’re a Mentor, or someone who works well with others, especially when helping them improve or grow.

Remember, there are no “bad” results. If your goal is to be a counselor but you’re more of a Planner than a Mentor, that doesn’t mean you can’t still reach for your dream career.

Your Major Matches
Based on your personality breakdown, you’ll find a customized list of majors that fit your preferences and way of working. Some of these may be exactly what you want to do, and that’s great. Some may be majors you’d never considered before, and that’s fine too. There’s no harm in keeping your options open and exploring different avenues.

You can add the majors that interest you to your profile or click on them to see which colleges and universities offer those degrees. Add those schools to your list to get additional information, see your chances of getting in and learn more about campus life there.

Your Career Matches
It’s great to get a degree, but using it presents a whole separate set of challenges. We use your answers to create a list of careers that are compatible with both your personality assessment and your list of potential majors. This way, you always have a clear path outlined for you – you don’t have to wonder how you’ll use your degree in the working world.

Again, these career matches may not line up exactly with what you’d imagined yourself doing – and that’s just fine. Our suggestions are just that – suggestions. They’re there for you to consider options that suit you and explore new opportunities, not to push you into a career or major you aren’t interested in.

Choosing a major – not to mention a career – can be a confusing process. But you don’t have to go into it blindly. If you haven’t already taken the Careers and Majors quiz, click here to start.

Original Post Date: April 23rd, 2015

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Colleges Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2015

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It’s human nature to procrastinate. We’ve all done it at some point or another. When it comes to college, procrastination can come back to haunt you, but we’re here to help.

Decision Day is almost here and some of us have yet to decide where we’re headed. Maybe you didn’t think you wanted to go to college this fall but changed your mind. Perhaps you didn’t get into your first-choice schools. Or maybe you just decided the schools you’d applied to weren’t a good fit for you.

Whatever your situation is, here are some colleges that are still accepting applications for fall 2015.

Concordia University Portland
This Oregon school gives preference to applications received before May 1, but will admit qualified students on a rolling basis after that date.

University of the District of Columbia
The priority deadline for this D.C. school is May 15, but students may be admitted on a case-by-case basis after that date.

South Carolina State University
Want to head to college in the the Palmetto State? You’re running out of time, so get moving – applications need to be in by May 31 for the fall semester.

Indiana State University
Applicants have until June 1 to get their materials into ISU for consideration.

Kettering University
Kettering applicants need to have their applications in by June 15.

Northeastern Illinois University
Late applicants rejoice – here’s an affordable school that also accepts applications until pretty late in the game. NEIU takes applications up until July 1 for both graduate and undergrad programs, meaning you’ve still got some time to perfect your application before you send it off.

Pennsylvania College of Technology
This school also offers late applicants a chance to get their materials in by July 1.

University of Texas at Dallas
This is another great school for late deciders. UT Dallas accepts applications through July 1 for the fall term, but the late application deadline extends all the way through August 1.

University of Nevada Las Vegas
Have you decided you want to go to school in a town that’s in the middle of some serious action? UNLV accepts applications through July 1.

Dominican University
Students who want to attend this college just outside of Chicago have until July 1 to get their application submitted.

Southern University at New Orleans
Dream of going to school in this historic city? You have until July 1 to submit your application.

Northern Kentucky University
Applications from students who want to attend NKU need to be in by July 1.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
While applications should be in by March 1, UW Milwaukee will accept students on a case-by-case basis throughout the spring and summer until the class capacity is full.

California State University San Bernardino
Applicants have until July 1 to submit their applications to this California State school.

Jacksonville University
Jacksonville University has a rolling deadline, meaning there’s no official cutoff date. That doesn’t mean it’ll admit students until the day before class starts, though. Apply as soon as possible for the best chance of getting in.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Clarion accepts students on a rolling admissions basis.

Liberty University
This Virginia college admits pupils on a rolling admissions basis.

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Lincoln is another school with a rolling admissions policy, meaning you can turn in an application late in the game.

Randolph College
While the priority deadline has passed, Randolph will admit students on a rolling basis until the class of 2019 is full.

Maryville College
This Tennessee college has a rolling admissions policy.

Hilbert College
Hilbert also has a rolling admissions policy.

Ferris State University
If you hope to attend Ferris State, you’ll need to have your application in at least 30 days before the start of classes.

Delaware Valley College
This school is another that opts for a rolling admissions policy.

If you’re interested in any of these schools add them to your list to learn more. And don’t forget about your local community college either – there are still plenty of colleges still accepting applications for fall 2015.

Original Post Date: April 21st, 2015

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How Do You Choose the Right Major?

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Has anyone asked you what you’re thinking about majoring in yet? Maybe you’ve considered English, computer science, or fine art, but not been quite sure of your choices. As college gets closer you might expect to wake up suddenly and think, “That’s it! I was meant to be a biology major!”

Unfortunately, most students don’t experience this lightbulb moment. This makes choosing a major – not to mention a college that offers it – that much more confusing. And ACT data shows only about a third of college-bound students end up choosing a major that fits well with their interests. If you’re not in this relatively small group, you may end up switching majors at some point. This often means more time in school, more money spent on tuition, and more stress for you.

That’s why we’ve created our Careers and Majors quiz. Answer a few simple questions about your preferences and personality and we’ll give you a customized list of majors that will suit you and some potential career paths you could take.

Once you’ve found a topic of study that sparks your interest, check out which schools offer the program and add them to your list to get more information and see your chances of getting in.

Who Should Take the Quiz?
The quiz isn’t just for high school students heading off to college this fall – you can take it at any age. Freshmen and sophomores can use it to plan what electives they’d like to take as upperclassmen or start thinking about career paths. Juniors can use it to start narrowing down their list of colleges based on which ones fit their general interests. Seniors – you can take the quiz to see which majors may be worth considering after you step onto campus in a few months or which classes you should enroll in your first year.

It’s never too early or too late to know what areas are good match for you based on your unique personality and preferences. Get started now, and don’t worry – you’re not being graded!

Original Post Date: April 16th, 2015

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